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Help Us on Our Mission to Deliver the Amazing Health Benefits of Bone Broth to the World

View Openings

We started Kettle & Fire in 2015 to help thousands of people achieve their health goals by adding high quality and convenient bone broth to their daily diet. Now one of the fastest growing health food companies, our merry band of goofballs work together to deliver on our mission across the US.

Our goal is to make Kettle & Fire THE best CPG company to work for in the world, and we really mean that. If joining a high-performing, incredibly fun, and creative team sounds like something you'd love, take a look through our current openings. We're always looking for amazing talent and we'd love to chat.

Learn more about the Kettle & Fire team


How Kettle & Fire Will Help You With Personal Growth

Radical candor is one of our company values and it’s forced me to question my own and other people’s decisions more regularly.

Written By: Holly Richardson, Partnership Manager

Read Story

80/20 Validation: The Cheap and Fast Way to Validate a Business

Learn how story of how Kettle & Fire came to be.

Written By: Justin Mares, CEO & Co-founder

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The Value Of Being Accepted To Chobani’s Food Incubator

The timeline of Kettle & Fire is riddled with mistakes, great successes, even greater failures, and defining moments that changed the course of our company.

Written By: Nick Mares, Co-founder

Read Story

The Marketing Strategy Behind Kettle & Fire

Learn the growth framework to test and scale opportunities.

Written By: Wilson Hung, Director of Growth

Read Story

How Kettle & Fire Does Performance Reviews

Learn how management helps our team stay at its best.

Written By: Justin Mares, CEO & Co-founder

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Meet the 19-Year-Old Entrepreneur Behind Kettle & Fire

Learn the history of how Kettle & Fire was started by a teenage entrepreneur back in 2016.

Written By: Nick Mares, Co-founder

Read Story

Fueling the Fire: CAVU Invests $8M in Kettle and Fire

Can bone broth be the next kombucha? Investment group CAVU Venture Partners thinks so. The fund announced today an $8 million series A investment in upstart bone broth brand, Kettle and Fire.

Written By: Carol Ortenberg

Read Story

Benefits and Perks

Health Insurance

We offer an array of fantastic options for Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

Flexible Time Off Policy

We make each team member take a minimum number of vacation days per year. Burning out from your work is just plain stupid.

Work From Anywhere

We are “remote okay” meaning that you can either work from our HQ in Austin or wherever you see fit. We understand the need to focus on your own.

Company Provided Equipment

Laptop, Dedicated Workspace, you name it.

Bi-Annual Retreats

Past locations include Los Angeles, Napa Valley, Austin, and Chicago


We provide a monthly stipend towards books, courses, 1-on-1 consulting, mindshares etc.

Free Products

You get a monthly supply of Kettle & Fire products for personal use. We also send all team members new products in the pipeline to try.


"The amount of learning and growing absolutely exceeded expectations. Working with the team has been an incredible experience."

"Working at Kettle & Fire is an exception the norm. No corporate bureaucracy or overblown egos. We’ve created a culture that strives for excellence and has a lot of fun doing it."

What Our Customers Love About Us

“Love the bone broth! I drink it in the mornings instead of coffee. I needed something to help my gut.”

Elaine, New York

“I’m new to this company's products. So glad I decided to give them a try. Perfect for those with busy schedules. Convenient for all.”

Allison Wilkins, Florida

“The Organic Chicken Bone Broth is by far the best tasting bone broth on the market. It tastes so good you can feel the healing power.”

Deborah Daws, California

What we value

Growth Mindset

We’re willing to take on projects and initiatives that may make us feel uncomfortable. We tolerate and encourage inevitable failures that come with trying something new.

Giving A Sh** About Our Customers

We put our customers first. In everything.


The better we share learnings amongst ourselves, the more effective we will be as a team. We’re all about building trust as a team and trust between our company and customers.

Radical Candor

We’re all about being extremely candid with each other to help us improve. We give honest feedback (positive or negative) with the intent to help others improve rapidly, and do not take things personally.

Deep Work

We do the work that creates the most value for ourselves and others (both the team and customers).


If we’re not enjoying ourselves on our journey, then what’s the point?

Current Openings

Apply Now

Do you have an extraordinary skill we didn't list here, but you just KNOW we would benefit from? We want to hear from you.
Click here to tell us about it.