We use Regenerative Agriculture to produce nutritious bone broth, while protecting animal welfare and restoring the soil.

At Kettle & Fire, we're committed to a healthier food system and a healthier planet.

We believe Regenerative Agriculture has the potential to not only save the planet but reverse climate change.

Get Your Inner Glow

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Kettle & Fire is the all-in-one nutrition you've been missing.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Kettle & Fire defines Regenerative Agriculture as a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves watersheds, and enhances ecosystem services. When practiced, Regenerative Agriculture offers a multitude of benefits for our farms, our environments, and our food. It builds soil health, enhances ecosystem diversity, and captures carbon and nitrogen from the atmosphere, to name a few.

How Regenerative Agriculture Works

Through properly managed grazing, ruminant animals can improve soil health, stimulate deep rooted grasses, increase biodiversity, propagate seeds, aerate soil, and sequester atmospheric carbon.

Is it Humanely Raised on Sustainable Farms?

Kettle & Fire has partnered with sustainable family farms to bring the first regenerative bone broth made with 100% grass-fed beef bones using regenerative agriculture. Our family farm partners maintain sustainability by cattle being raised in a stress-free environment where they are grass fed and treated with care according to strict standards. Cattle spend their lives as nature intended, roaming outdoors and nurtured with continuous access to fresh green grass and pure water. Our partners believe in only using what's necessary and preserving resources, and thus, investing in sustainable and regenerative systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your cartons environmentally friendly?

Yes! Our cartons are produced in a factory that is certified to high environmental standards. Just the right amount of material is used in each carton, reducing unnecessary waste. The cartons are also transported easily because of their size and light weight, which reduces the number of trucks involved in shipping. Just two trucks can transport 1.5 million empty food cartons to food manufacturers!

What are your cartons made out of?

Kettle & Fire packaging is made with paperboard, a renewable resource, that comes from wood grown well-managed forests and other controlled sources.

Is your packaging recyclable?


Where can I learn more about sustainability?

To learn more about Tetra Pak's commitment to sustainability and the low carbon circular economy, please visit: https://tetrapak.com/en-us/sustainability