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Soupapalooza is here to warm up your winter.

Take 15% off all 9 of our yummy bone broth soups.

Coupon code: PALOOZA. No minimum order size. Just stock up and save.

Order Now

Together with top food scientists and world-renowned chefs we made ready to heat broths and soups that are both delicious and nutritious.

  • Fresh. Never frozen
  • Sustainable & shelf-stable packaging
  • Cooked with bones from organic, free-range chickens and grass-fed cattle
  • Simmered 20+ hours in steam-injected kettles

People Are Talking

Melissa Urban

Creator of Whole30, 4x NY Times Bestseller

Not all bone broth is created equal, which is why I like Kettle & Fire for my Whole30 community. I like how their broth is made with bones from grass-fed cattle and slow roasted so all the micronutrients make it into the broth.

Mark Sisson

Creator of Primal Kitchen, NY Times Best Seller (The Keto Reset Diet)

I’m a fan of Kettle & Fire’s Bone Broth for several reasons. First, the time (and money) it saves me. I don’t have to spend hours turning bones into more digestible gelatin, and I don’t have to hunt for a reliable source of grass-fed bones at a cost of $10 a pound or more.

Dr. Cate Shanahan

Nutritional Consultant for Los Angeles Lakers

I'm always recommending bone broth to my patients and to the athletes I work with. But it's so time consuming to make that few people can get enough to meet their nutritional needs. I'm so glad that Kettle & Fire is now making bone broth available nationwide, and I'm even happier it tastes so good!

Drew Manning

Creator of Fit2Fat2Fit, NY Times Best Seller

I'm a huge fan of bone broth, but sometimes the same old chicken or beef flavor gets boring. That's why I'm so excited that Kettle & Fire has released a new Miso Soup flavor. It's perfect to get the nutrients from bone broth but switch it up every now and then.

Amelia Boone

Spartan Race World Champion, World Toughest Mudder Champion x3

As an athlete, our joints take a beating. I don’t do a lot of protein shakes, so the bone broth has been a great way for me to add protein and nutrients to help me get back out there faster. Their chicken is my favorite flavor.

Uniquely made

Contains collagen to support your skin, joint, and gut health

Bone Broth

Made with 100% grass fed bones, premium ingredients, and are available in beef, chicken and mushroom flavors.

Shop Bone Broth

Classic Soups

Our soups infuse classic flavors with the taste and nutrition of world-class bone broth. Each carton contains 1 full serving of bone broth.

Shop Classic Soups

Keto Soups

The first and only line of keto-friendly soups with bone broth. With all the tasty fat and protein you need to hit your macros.

Shop Keto Soups

Bone Broth

Made with 100% grass fed bones, premium ingredients, and are available in beef, chicken and mushroom flavors.

Shop Bone Broth

Classic Soups

Our soups infuse classic flavors with the taste and nutrition of world-class bone broth. Each carton contains 1 full serving of bone broth.

Shop Classic Soups

Keto Soups

The first and only line of keto-friendly soups with bone broth. With all the tasty fat and protein you need to hit your macros.

Shop Keto Soups

Choose your favorite products

Pack your box with our top-rated Beef Bone Broth, Butternut Squash Soup, and more. All of our products are chef-designed so they're delicious (and nutritious).

Unpack your box

We package our broth and soups hot in a vacuum environment so it has a two-year shelf-life. The packaging is recyclable, sustainable, and made with natural materials.

Sip & eat your way to better health

When your body soaks up all the collagen and supporting nutrients in bones, we think you'll not only taste but also feel the difference.

What's Inside A Kettle & Fire Box

Soup made with bone broth

We make healthy (yet delicious) bone broth soups that contain collagen to support your skin, hair, joint, and nail health.

Bone broth made with grass-fed bones

We slow simmer grass-fed beef bones or organic chicken bones for up to 24 hours. This is enough time for the nutrients, collagen, and amino acids to soak into the broth.

Responsibly-sourced, quality ingredients

We source beef and chicken bones from farms who raise their animals without any added hormones or antibiotics.

Recyclable packing

Our packaging is made from natural and renewable raw materials. And we vacuum seal our broth so that after unboxing, you can be sipping in minutes.

As low as $3.20 per serving

No commitment. You can skip or cancel anytime.

Build Your Box

Customers love Kettle & Fire

14,000+ Reviews

Best broth I’ve ever tasted!

John H.
  Verified Review

Rich and hearty! Very flavorful. Adds another dimension to anything I add it to!

Ashley M.
  Verified Review

My skin and nails never looked better.

David S.
  Verified Review
Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people drink bone broth?

For all sorts of reasons.

First, it's delicious to sip from a mug. Second, our customers tell us that adding bone broth to their favorite recipes (soups, stews, even rice dishes) makes them taste even better than before.

But we think the #1 reason people drink bone broth is that it's the definitive whole food source of collagen. When we slow-simmer our grass-fed bones, you get not just collagen, but ALL the supporting nutrients that nature surrounds collagen with. That's a big deal. Studies have shown that the human body absorbs nutrients more fully as whole foods than as isolated supplements.

And so, even as new collagen pills, powders, and peptides are released all the time, bone broth is only becoming more popular. Grocery stores that didn't stock it 6 months ago (or only sold 1-2 brands) have entire shelves now.

If you're going to take collagen, why settle?

Think of your daily cup of bone broth as putting full-spectrum collagen in your body, as opposed to just that one nutrient.

OK, but what makes your bone broth different from the broths I see at the grocery store for $1.99?

Quality and time.

The bones often used for bone broth are whatever random bones a farm will sell for cheap (AKA “carcass bones.”)

The problem with carcass bones is they contain inconsistent amounts of collagen. To make matters worse, these inferior bones are often simmered for just 2-3 hours. If you’ve ever had a weak or pale-looking broth, this is likely why.

In our opinion, bone quality is the #1 corner that’s cut when ANYONE makes bone broth. And even though not all consumers are aware of that, we are.

That’s why we ran systematic collagen yield tests on different kinds of bones. (So. Many. Tests.) And once we found the specific bones that create the most flavorful, collagen-filled broth on a consistent basis...

100% grass-fed-and-finished...

We started cooking exclusively with those.

Even though it costs us around 20% more for bones than other companies. And even though we had to build a literal bone supply chain to serve our growing customer base.

We couldn’t bear to settle.

This is why Kettle & Fire bone broth costs more than other brands. Try a carton and tell us if you can feel (and taste) where that extra money went.

(Hint: There’s a reason we’re the only brand with over 15,000 five-star reviews!)

How long does it take for the effects of bone broth to "kick in" and become noticeable?

Every individual is different. Therefore, one person's experience may not match your own. And bone broth is not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any health conditions.

That said, our customers seem to agree that 1 month of daily bone broth consumption is an appropriate amount of time to allow before assessing the results.

Feeling impatient? On the plus side, bone broth tastes amazing from the very first sip!

Do all of your soups contain bone broth, too?


In fact, each carton of our soups contain a full serving (roughly 1 mug) of bone broth in addition to the vegetable and / or meat base. We wanted to create soups that infuse the flavors we know and love with the whole food collagen and savory taste of bone broth.

Many of our customers who sip bone broth by itself also eat our soups a 2-3 times per week as a fun, change-of-pace way to get even more broth into their diets.