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  • Personal Shopper: order at least 13 cartons a month, add your phone number at the checkout and check the box to allow us to text you about your upcoming order.

  • BENEFITS OF BONE BROTH: Delicious collagen your body will love in sippable (or slurpable) form! Enjoy everyday for immune function support and to promote overall health.

  • A MEAL BY ITSELF: Can be used as a meal replacement for weight loss/intermittent fasting or as a delicious go-to for those busy weeknights.

  • Swap flavors on the go via text

22,351+ Reviews

Dallas S. Verified Buyer
Still the best bone broth out there!

I have tried bone broth from all the stores in this area, Sprouts, Trader Joes, Vons...but Kettle and Fire is the most tasty and has the best protein quantity. So many of these start with the ingredient Beef stock, water. etc...Helps improve skin too...

Marcus D. Verified Buyer
Beef Bone Broth

Great taste and superior quality make this bone broth my go-to as a compliment to my Keto/Fasting lifestyle.

Juan V. Verified Buyer
Soul Soothing Nourishment

All the hype for Bone Broth is absolutely warranted, at least if you’re referring to Kettle and Fire. I love having a little sea salt, lemon mixed into an evening cup. Helps me sleep better, and the GI wakes up a little happier in the AM.

Marie P. Verified Buyer
It makes me feel great!

Just after 2 days I feel that I have more energy. The lower sodium is best for me. I love this product of Kettle & Fire.

Lisa S. Verified Buyer
I like this one best of all!

Best beef bone broth around! I like to add sliced fresh mushrooms and a handful of chopped scallions ~ delicious!

Cathleen K. Verified Buyer
Love Kettle & Fire

Love Kettle & Fire bone broth. I use a lot of broth for gravies, soup, stews and other recipes. Thank you for providing me with bone broth that is extremely healthy.