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Shipping Delay Update

Update: 03/27/20 10:07 AM CST

The Coronavirus national emergency continues to spike demand for our bone broth and soup products.

This week, we learned that our fulfillment center is short-staffed on labor due to Coronavirus concerns. Due to this, they are 10-14 days behind on fulfilling and shipping new orders.

Pre-Order selection for all products are available on our site. When you pre-order, we will notify you via email when we are approaching your ship date. This will secure your place in line while we replenish our inventory and catch up on backorders through our fulfillment center.

Shipping remains delayed on new orders, 10-14 days or more for most cases.

We use UPS to ship most of our orders. UPS is maintaining delivery services. They are obtaining exceptions that allow operations to continue wherever possible, even in restricted areas. UPS delivery operations have been designated critical infrastructure by governments and we continue to pick up and deliver, even in restricted areas.

Our production facilities continue to produce thousands of cartons a week as we have when orders related to this crisis started spiking this past week. We've posted this shipping delay messaging since March 26th at the top of every page on our web site and in a notice that appears in a pop-over box when you first visit the site.

From a customer support standpoint, we are working around the clock to catch up on all incoming emails and phone calls. We've hired additional support agents to assist us. Due to high volume, responses to your support questions might be delayed. We do expect to be completely caught up by early next week.

We will also take into account the date of your support request. So, if you make a request in time to make a change to your order, and we don't execute it before the deadline you will not be penalized.

Knowing all this, complete checkout to reserve your place in our order queue now if you're preparing for the long run with our shelf-stable and nutritious foods accordingly.

As has been in place since last week, orders will continue to be shipped on a first come, first served basis. If you choose to place your order today to secure your place in line, here's what will happen:

  1. You'll receive an order confirmation email when you complete checkout.
  2. When your order ships, we'll send you an email with the tracking number and timing of your delivery.
  3. The day of delivery, you'll receive an email with the tracking number and a message saying your order will be "delivered today" and is out for delivery.
  4. Once delivered to your doorstep, you'll receive an email saying your order has arrived! 

If your order is being delayed, we'll email you with updates about every 7-14 days. However, note now that our emails will not have much to say beyond what we're sharing here:

  • We're shipping orders on a first-come first, served basis. Thousands of orders are going out daily.
  • We have the items needed to produce your order and they're on hand in our facilities.
  • We're in contact and working with our suppliers daily to ensure that trucks are rolling and machines are running at maximum capacity.
  • We've more than quadrupled our customer service and multiple warehouse teams to better handle up to 100X normal order volume.
  • We continue to run expanded customer service hours - evenings and weekends.
  • We've expanded operations from a single shift to running 24/7 where possible with our teams working overtime and weekends.

We apologize for the delay and thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we're all in this together. We appreciate you as a customer and do value your business. Stay safe and healthy.