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Support skin, joint,
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How we make Bone Broth

  • Family Farmed Ingredients

    Family Farmed Ingredients

    We source beef and chicken bones from farms who raise their animals without any added hormones or antibiotics.

  • Slow Simmered

    Traditionally Slow-Simmered

    We combine 100% grass fed bones, premium ingredients, and filtered water into steel kettles then simmer up to 20+ hours.

  • Shelf Safe Packaging

    Shelf-safe Packaging

    We package our broth hot in a vacuum environment so it has a two year shelf-life! The packaging is recyclable, sustainable, and made with natural materials.

Natural Source of Collagen

Collagen Straight From The Source

We simmer our 100% grass-fed bones with organic ingredients for 20+ hours to pull all the collagen, proteins and amino acids from the bones into our broth. The result is a bone broth that's truly delicious. (Either by itself, and as a satisfying kick to many of your favorite meals.)

bone broth & Soups that feel as good as they taste.


Made with Bone Broth

Creamy Tomato

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Made with Bone Broth

Butternut Squash

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Made with Bone Broth


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The Paleo Mom

"Kettle & Fire provides a nourishing, quality bone broth in a delicious and convenient shelf-stable format. I love always knowing that I've got great broth on hand, without clogging up my freezer or needing defrosting."

Dr. Sarah Ballantyne Medical Doctor & 3x New York Times Bestselling Author
Protein Rich Broth

10G+Protein Per Serving

Our Chicken Broth contains collagen, a protein many of our customers say they haven’t been getting enough of from other foods. Collagen is the protein best known for keeping your skin looking young, and maintaining healthy bones, joints, and teeth.

Our bone broths are made with 100% grass fed bones, premium ingredients, and are available in beef, chicken and mushroom flavors.

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Your favorite soups Made with Bone Broth

We've reinvented soup by combining the benefits of bone broth, and the great taste of your favorite soups.

Each carton is full of protein, collagen, and other key amino acids that your body needs to thrive. Everything you see on the ingredients label can actually be pronounced.

It's soup your grandmother would know (and love).

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Our journey to create

Our Best Bone Broth

We’re two brothers, Nick and Justin, who are passionate about health. Our mom would say it’s due to the zucchini chocolate cakes (bleh) she used to make us when we were young.

We started Kettle & Fire with one goal: to make the healing benefits of bone broth convenient and accessible. Our passion for creating bone broth led us on a year-long journey to find an amazing recipe, 100% grass-fed bones, organic ingredients, and convenient packaging. We're proud of what we've done, and can't wait for you to try our bone broth.

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